Saturday, December 11, 2021

 This weeks loaf: Sprouted Spelt and wild rice sourdough.

75% hydration. 25% of the total dough is Starter.  I was working outside and actually forgot about the dough fermenting on the counter. I left it there for about 6 hours. I then shaped it and proofed it for 1 hour more before baking at 475F down to 425F.

Monday, September 27, 2021

 Crazy leftover bread:

I had leftover potato  from a potato rosemary bread, leftover seed mix from another bread, and leftover brown rice and quinoa from yet another recipe 

I just put them all together in this bread with 75% hydration straight dough . I wasn't worried about developing the dough with a long ferment because there is so much flavor with the added elements.

Baked in dutch oven 475F X 20 min, 450 X 15 min, 425 X15 min. 

Friday, January 15, 2021

I have received a lot of requests for these two articles that I wrote for a pizza oven company so I thought I would provide the links here. 

It's all about the crust Part 1

Pizza Kneading and Baking Part 2

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Wood fired oven bread at 600deg f (315c) !

After baking a couple pizzas at 750 deg. I waited another hours then baked these rustic sour dough Baguettes made with a combination of organic AP, Spelt, Whole Wheat, and Rye Flours.
They Cooked in 12 minutes !  I admit the scoring went a little wild , but boy,  a great crust and chewy crumb.  Formula is below.

In the oven with my flashlight (torch)

A little scoring blow out but its hard to get this type of wood fired crust in a conventional oven

Bread Recipe CreatorgmOZ
Total desired Bread Weight (gm) -->1200.042.3
Desired Bread Hydration %75.0%
Desired % of Starter you want in total dough Wt.15.00%180.06.3
What is the Hydration of the Starter, biga, or poolish you are using100.00%
Your starter hydration contains : Flour 90.03.2
Water 90.03.2
Total Flour to add at desired % hydration Minus Flour already in Starter595.721.0
Total Water to add at desired % hydration minus Water already in Starter424.314.9
% Of total flour used in preferment13.13%
Desired Flour Mix - (Must add to 100%)100.0%
% AP or bread50.00%297.910.5
% WW15.00%89.43.1
% spelt30.0%178.76.3
% Rye5.00%29.81.0
% other0.00%0.0
Dry yeast varies from 1-3%0.05%0.30.01
Don't forget the Salt (2% is common)2.00%13.70.5

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Organic Sourdough Baquettes

To go with our new years eve dinner, I came up with this sourdough using two different starters.  A stiffer AP starter , and a whole wheat poolish starter.  I used an overnight bulk fermentation, then shaped and proofed them in the morning for a couple of hours. 

The main dough was a mix of AP,  Bread, Spelt , and a little corn flour.  The exact ratios are below. Baked with steam for 10 min then another 20 min and with a  vented oven for another 5-8 min. 

Total desired Bread Weight (gm) -->1045.036.8
Desired Bread Hydration %60.00%
Desired % of Starter you want in the dough25.00%261.39.2Does not include pollish
What is the Hydration of the Starter, biga, or poolish you are using100.00%Add 250 gm poolish
Your starter hydration contains : Flour130.64.6
Water 130.64.6
Total Flour to add at desired % hydration Minus Flour already in Starter522.518.4
Total Water to add at desired % hydration minus Water already in Starter261.39.2
Desired Flour Mix - (Must add to 100%)100.0%
% AP or bread46.00%240.48.5
% spelt30%156.85.5
%toasted corn flour4.00%20.90.7
Dry yeast varies from 1-3%0.20%1.30.05
Don't forget the Salt (2% is common)2.00%13.10.5

Sunday, December 27, 2015

More Whole grains ! Experiment and have fun.

If you eat as much bread as I do , It better be Whole grain (most of the time :)). Mix any combination of seeds and grains, keep the water content as high as you can . Experiment and have fun !

Long fermentation & high hydration doughs help create chewy and tender whole grain crumb

Friday, November 6, 2015

Five Grain SourDough with WW and Spelt

This bake used "Bobs Red Mill" 5 grain cereal, about 100 gm soaked in 200 gm water.  Flour was 80% organic AP ,10% WW and 10% Spelt.
I used a stiff sourdough levain which was 25% of the total dough weight.
I went for about 70% hydration and used an overnight fermentation . 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Corn flour and spelt Baguette

I made these using about 10% Masa Harina and about 10% Spelt.  25% of the total dough weight was Sourdough. They had a great chew an not a strong corn taste.

Starter, Poolish, Biga, oh my

Here is a simple spreadsheet for converting the stiffness of your starter. I usually keep a 100% starter ( 50% water,50% flour) cause its easier to feed and maintain. But if I  need a biga , preferment or levain that is stiffer, I just use my master starter and use some to convert.

Download it Here

. a

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Chicken Brazilian Style !

A friend of ours gave us some sauce she made using Malageta peppers . It was so good we used in on everything we could think of . The original recipe is here
We used the left overs on pizza and also with pasta, both were excellent. It is Just the right amount of spiciness without being too hot. But of course you can make it as hot as you want.
Using a couple of bricks helps support the skewers and keep everything lifted just a bit to avoid sticking to the grill.

Walnut + Asian Pear

We have an assign pear in out back yard and have tons of pears this summer.  I have made the walnut bread before but I thought I would try the addition of fresh pears about 1.5 cups diced.
This bread is made with a WW sourdough starter made into a sponge based on Nancy Silvertons recipe.  The Sponce brews for several hours and then is mixed with the main dough. After needing the main dough a bit with stretch and folds , I folded in the walnuts and pear. In The refrigerator for 24 hours and baked the following night.
A great bread with the sweetness of the pear.

Pizza 50/50

I am always experimenting with flour combinations. This pizza is made using 50% caputo 00 and 50% organic central milling AP.  68% hydration , fermented 24 hours.



Bialys are easier to make than bagels because you don't have to boil them .
plus you get that great sweet onion mix!

These are best eaten same day

Friday, May 29, 2015

Orange Tumeric Bread

I made this bread a long time ago and remember its unique taste of the tumeric and orange essence. Originally, posted on the "fresh loaf" my version uses my standard sourdough starter. It is ~70% hydration with a slightly stiff starter, juice and zest of one orange and 1 tsp of ground turmeric.


Monday, May 11, 2015

Millet Bread

This bread  used the Tartine method  for a #Porridge bread with one modification. I doubled the amount of levain from 15% to 30%.  It was so wet that it I could not really score it.

I am not sure why he suggests soaking the millet overnight and then cooking it ?  Maybe it starts some fermentation, but would't cooking it then just kill and cancel out any benefit from the soaking?
Regardless The crunch and taste is excellent.  It has almost 2 cups of cooked millet ! 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Toasted Fennel seed and Orange Honey bread with Bobs red mill 8 grain cereal

For this weeks breakfast bread . I pan toasted some fennel seed and crushed them using my Mortar bowl.
Then I added some ground dried Orange peel and honey. After kneading I folded in about 1/2 cup soaked 8 grain cereal.
My recipe used a Biga at 25% of the total dough weight. I went for a total dough hydration of about 70%

 It has a nice Fennel sent but not overpowering.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Roasted Potato and Feta Pizza

As is often the case, I make from what I have at hand. I had some nice organic red potatoes, feta  cheese, and a bell  pepper .
 Cooked at about 750Deg F. 2 min.  69 % dough hydration with same day mix

 I did not want to waste all that oven heat so I cut up some more potatoes and make a potato bake with cheese and an egg Panko & Farina de mandioca crusted topper.